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Hunting License

All hunters are required to have a hunting license and should be purchased before arrival at the ranch, Texas hunting license . Non-Resident General hunting license cost is $315,  Resident Hunting License cost is $25, Senior Resident Hunting License 65 years and older cost $7.

Plus a $7 upland game bird stamp if you plan on hunting Rio Grand Turkey


Wounded Animals

Any wounded game may or will be considered the shooter's animal. Every effort will be used to find wounded game. If game is shot at and presumed missed, a thorough search will be performed before hunting is resumed. If blood is drawn on a game animal, and all search efforts have been exhausted, and no animal has been retrieved, then it will be considered a kill.


   Many of our bigger bucks will incur broken tines incurred during the intense Texas rut.

   Remember we are hunting West Texas and the weather can change at the drop of a hat so please bring warm and cool/cold weather clothes,  and light rain gear.               

   Game animals will not be harvested using any caliber smaller than a 22-250. Quality binoculars are a must when judging whitetail deer from the blinds. 

   Each hunter will need to bring an ice chest capable of carrying their quartered game home.

   Please see the following link for TPWD laws regarding game transportation.

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